Student Accident Insurance

Designed for your unique school entity

Make sure your students, athletes and those that participate in extracurricular activities have solid accident insurance protection. From a fall during marching band to injuries on the football field, accidents are sudden and unexpected. This program provides benefits for eligible medical expenses related to accidents that are sudden, unexpected and unforeseen which cause injury while the coverage is in effect, up to the plan maximum you select.  It also provides accidental death and dismemberment benefits.


You choose the coverage that best suits your school’s needs and budget. Plans are custom-designed to each school entity.  

This plan covers all interscholastic athletic competitions which are officially authorized, sanctioned and scheduled by the participating school and governed by the rules and regulations of the appropriate state high school athletic/activities association or regulated governing body. Also included are pre-competition activities and practice sessions which are authorized and supervised by the participating school. Your school has the choice to include or not include interscholastic football. With this plan, your school can help protect its participating student athletes, managers, trainers, cheerleaders and participants of other related activities from the high cost of catastrophic injuries. 

This plan covers intramural sports, physical education classes, regular school sessions, on and off campus group activities that are school sponsored and supervised, and travel directly to and from these activities. With this plan, your school can help protect its students participating in school sponsored and supervised activities other than interscholastic athletic competitions. 

This plan provides benefits for covered injuries sustained during the hours and days when school is in session and while insured students are attending or participating in school-sponsored and supervised activities on or off school premises including: 

  • Participating in interscholastic sports, including interscholastic football if elected 
  • Participating in summer recreational activities 
  • Traveling to and from school and other necessary travel

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For all programs, benefits are paid on an excess basis. Additional eligible expenses will be payable only when they exceed the amounts paid by any other health care plan. In the event that no other health insurance exists, eligible expenses will be covered on a primary basis up to the plan maximum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this policy cover students while traveling to school or to any school activities?

Yes. This program will cover accidents related to school attendance, traveling to and from school, schoolsponsored activities either on or away from school property, including travel. 

Will this policy provide coverage if a student is sick?

No. This is accidentonly coverage. Benefits are not payable for loss due to sickness. 

If a student has primary health insurance, what benefits will they receive from having this accident coverage?

This accident plan may cover various out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, denied benefits and co-insurance fees that you may be responsible for from a primary health insurance plan. 

What if a student does not have health insurance?

 If a student does not have insurance, this plan provides the student with accident insurance coverage.

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