Student Accident Insurance

Expect the best when preparing for the worst.

School sports, special events and other activities are an important part of students’ lives, keeping them healthy, active and socially engaged. With Players Health’s Catastrophic Accident coverage, ensure your students and their families are financially prepared if a major incident occurs during a school-sponsored activity.


Even if families already have medical coverage, when serious accident or injury occurs, that coverage may not be enough. Catastrophic accident coverage helps make sure families are financially prepared if a major, life-threatening incident occurs during a school-sponsored activity. While deductibles can be higher than most health coverage, premiums are low, and the benefits can help relieve the heavy financial burden that accompanies treatment for unexpected, complicated injuries.


You choose the coverage that best suits your district’s needs and budget. Plans are custom designed for each school entity.


*Please note: this is a PSBA Insurance direct-to-consumer product. If you are using a broker, please have the agency contact Torie directly for varying processes and requirements.

All School Activities: This plan covers all interscholastic athletics including football, band, cheerleading, majorettes, intramural sports, gym classes and non-sport extracurricular activities.


Athletics and School Activities (With Football): This plan covers all enrolled students of the policyholder, including all sports activities, even football and cheerleading.


Athletics and School Activities (No Football): This plan covers all enrolled students of the policyholder, including all interscholastic sports activities, except football.


These programs include the following covered expenses:

  • Hospital confinement (room and board)
  • Hospital miscellaneous expenses
  • Intensive care room and board expenses
  • Ambulance services
  • Rehabilitation facility
  • Physician visits (inpatient and outpatient)
  • Surgical expenses
  • Anesthesia and administration
  • Artificial limbs
  • Dental services
  • Emergency room
  • Outpatient X-rays/CAT scans/MRIs
  • Laboratory tests
  • Outpatient physiotherapy
  • Prescription drugs

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Coverage options are available for sports and activities only or all grades and activities. Coverage plans include blanket/base coverage, voluntary coverage and catastrophic coverage. Each option is detailed below.


  • Two coverage options: “Athletics & Activities Coverage” and “All School Coverage”
  • 100% U&C coverage
  • $25,000 medical maximum
  • Heart and circulatory coverage
  • $100 primary benefit
  • $0 deductible
  • Two-year benefit period
  • AD&D
  • Accident coverage for volunteers


  • Coverage options: “24 Hour Coverage” and “School Time Coverage” both with and without sports
  • $25,000 medical maximum
  • Two-year benefit period
  • $0 deductible
  • $100 primary benefit
  • Heart and circulatory coverage
  • AD&D


  • Coverage Options: “Athletics & Activities Coverage” and “All School Coverage”
  • Two maximum options: $5,000,000 OR $7,500,000
  • 10-year benefit period
  • $25,000 deductible
  • AD&D
  • $500,000 catastrophic cash option

Combine your district’s insurance coverage with athlete safety solutions to ensure you are taking the proper steps in creating safer environments for your students.

  • Background checks: National background checks for staff and volunteers (if available and meets district’s reporting standards for the state)
  • Staff credentialling and education: Abuse prevention and concussion awareness trainings
  • Injury management: Risk assessment to discover gaps or needed protocols

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*Please note: this is a PSBA Insurance direct-to-consumer product. If you are using a broker, please have the agency contact Torie directly for varying processes and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this policy cover students while traveling to school or to any school activities?

Yes. This program will cover accidents related to school attendance, traveling to and from school, and school-sponsored activities either on or away from school property, including travel.

Will this policy provide coverage if a student is sick?

No. This is accidentonly coverage. Benefits are not payable for loss due to sickness. 

If a student has primary health insurance, what benefits will they receive from having this accident coverage?

This accident plan may cover various out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, denied benefits and co-insurance fees that a policyholder may be responsible for from a primary health insurance plan.

What if a student does not have health insurance?

 If a student does not have insurance, this plan provides the student with accident insurance coverage.

Where can I get a claim form?

Claim forms are available online. Scroll up to the toggle bar and select the Enroll today tab, or you can request one to be sent to you via email or fax by calling us at 1-800-932-0588.

Does the hospital/doctor file my claim, and do I leave the claim form with the provider?

The injured student’s parents are responsible for ensuring the claim form, detailed bills and explanations of benefits from other insurance carriers are sent into the claims department for processing in a timely manner. The fax number and address are on the front of the claim form.

What if I have other insurance?

Personal health insurance pays first, voluntary insurance (if purchased) pays second, and then the school’s blanket plan will pay.

How long do I have to seek treatment and submit a claim?

Each claimant must file the claim form and seek treatment from a licensed physician within 90 days of the date of the accident. The sooner the better on both treatment and claim filing.

Can I seek treatment from any physician I choose?

Yes. We recommend using a physician in your personal insurance network first, but you can see a multi-plan physician.

Who do I call to check the status of a claim?

You can call WebTPA at 877-563-7492 and select option 4 for claim status.

Is there a deductible with this policy?


Does the school insurance cover everything?

The school accident insurance is a benefit provided by your school district and is meant to supplement personal health insurance. It has internal policy limits and was not intended to cover every injury or expense.

Why has my claim payment been delayed or denied?

If a claim has been delayed or denied, typically that means that there is required paperwork missing. There are three required items needed for all claims: 1. filed claim form, 2. primary health insurance explanation of benefits, and 3. treating provider statements with billing codes.

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